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Spanish course for au pairs

Spanish for au pairs

Course content

The Spanish courses for au pairs at the VEITH Institut in Madrid are aimed at the special needs of au pairs in Spain. They are exclusively developed by our own research department, VEITH R+D Agency.

The advantages that you have with us in comparison to other language schools is our own teaching method with which you learn 2-3 times faster than in any conventional course: with the same effort in money and time, you gain double or triple the progress in Spanish and maximize your stay in Madrid.

Conocer VEITH Method - el método de enseñanza más revolucionario

Course variants

We offer our Spanish courses for au pairs in two variants, depending on the time you have to learn a new language:

  • VEITH Standard AP course: 2 units per day, 2 times a week, Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.
  • VEITH Turbo AP course: 2 units per day, 4 times a week, from Monday to Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Both forms include a 10 minute break to relax and meet other au pairs (do not forget to drink a coffee in our snack zone).

If you wish to learn even faster, or if you are looking for a more intensive alternative, our general Spanish courses might better suit you.

Didactic material

For your Spanish course, you need to purchase our didactic material that is not included in the course fee. It does not consist – unlike in most of the language academies in Madrid – of a series of photocopies, but of books published exclusively for our Spanish language courses for au pairs, edited by Litamorphosis. These books contain all the texts, exercises, grammatical and phonetic indications and thematic lists of vocabulary used during the course.

The textbook costs €22.90 (always comprises a complete VEITH level: A1, A2, B1-1, etc.) and the vocabulary handbook €16.90 (for the A1 and A2 levels) or €22.90 (for the B1, B2 and C levels). All books are sold in the institute itself or through our online store.

Examen aleman Madrid


Description Price
Enrolment fee €0
Spanish course for au pairs VEITH Standard AP
(2 classes per week, 16 units per month)
Spanish course for au pairs VEITH Turbo AP
(4 classes per week, 32 units per month)

Additional leisure time activities

On Fridays, we organize cultural activities and varied excursions in Madrid and the surrounding area. You can visit the museums of Madrid with us, know the secrets of Spanish cuisine and take a journey through the most emblematic sites of the city or day trips to Toledo, the Escorial Palace or Aranjuez.

Once a week, we invite you to participate in our "Spanish-English-German Encounters" where you can meet our English and German students from Spain and Latin America, practice both languages in linguistic tandems and make international friendships.

The intercultural purpose of these activities is, led by our VEITH teachers, to help you to alleviate the "cultural shock" and sensitize you to the differences between your country and Spain and explain the reasons for certain behaviours, customs and traditions of the Spanish people.

Information and enrolment

The only condition to participate in our Spanish courses for au pairs with their super-reduced rates is that you show us, by means of a written document, your activity as an au pair in Spain.

Important information for the au pairs from Germany: We provide all necessary documents to receive the financial "Kindergeld" support.

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